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Woking District Network

Woking District Network

PPSL District Heating carried out the supply and installation of the heating and cooling pipework, the installation of electricity cables and all associated excavations and civil works in Woking town centre.

The energy station now supplies distributed energy services of electricity, by private wire, and heat and chilled water services by pipe to the new Holiday Inn hotel, the Big Apple family entertainment centre, Chameleon Bar, Quake Night-club, Metro Hotel, H G Wells Conference and Events Centre, Victoria Way Car Park and Woking Borough Council Civic Offices. In addition electricity is supplied to other Woking Borough Council sites, including residential properties, by the public electricity network.

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PPSL District Heating Ltd also operates trading and co-operation agreements with industry leading businesses and specialists that are complementary to our own skill sets, such as consultants, specialist energy supply companies and financiers to ensure you have full access to the resources required to guarantee project success.

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