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What is District Heating?

What is District Heating?

Currently in the UK most homes and businesses are supplied by mains gas, which is then utilised to produce heat for the individual home or businesses via their boiler systems. This leaves the UK heavily reliant on gas, both from the UK’s gas reserves and in more recent years an ever-increasing reliance on imported gas.

Countries such as Denmark, the country of origin for LOGSTOR pipes, have invested significantly in district heating to reduce their reliance on imported gas and reduce energy costs.

District heating is, in essence, large boilers or energy centres which provide heat and/or power to large properties and estates through to whole towns, cities, hospitals, universities and business parks.

The hot water is transferred from the large boilers via a network of pre-insulated pipes that can be installed both below and above ground as required. Water from the central boilers is then circulated to all those on the network, and often referred to as community heating schemes. Due to the energy centres harnessing waste heat they are highly efficient resulting in lower heating costs and reduced Co2 emissions compared to conventional heating systems.

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PPSL District Heating Ltd also operates trading and co-operation agreements with industry leading businesses and specialists that are complementary to our own skill sets, such as consultants, specialist energy supply companies and financiers to ensure you have full access to the resources required to guarantee project success.

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