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The bonded pipe system

LOGSTOR bonded steel pipe systems with fusion welded joints

LOGSTOR pre-insulated bonded pipes consist of a carbon steel service pipe, insulated with polyurethane (PUR) foam and outer casing of polyethylene (PE-HD), which comply with BS EN253 and are suitable for district heating and cooling network.

  • The calculated continuous operating temperature is 140°C.
  • The maximum short peak operating temperature is 150°C.
  • The calculated continuous surface temperature is 50°C.
  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar.

LOGSTOR traditional steel pre-insulated pipes are available in three insulation thicknesses Series 1, 2 and 3, and can be supplied in standard lengths of 6m, 12m and 16m. The pipes are supplied with two copper wires embedded in the polyurethane (PUR) insulation which can be utilised for detecting leaks, and is available in most of our pipe systems.

The bonded steel pre-insulated pipes are available in carrier pipe sizes from O/D 26.9mm to 1219mm.

Typical applications of use:

  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW)
  • Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW)
  • Cooling
  • Steam
  • Condensate
Construction Line

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