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Surveillance system LOGSTOR detect

Surveillance system LOGSTOR detect

LOGSTOR Detect can identify exactly where in the pipe a leak or damage has occurred, making is possible to carry out repairs quickly and without problems. The leak detection is revolutionising industries all over the world, to the benefit of both the industries themselves and the environment.

It is essential to make sure that leaks and damage to pipes can be identified and repaired quickly to protect the environment and profits. LOGSTOR Detect was initially used on district heating pipes, but can now also be applied to industrial solutions. The system makes it possible to pinpoint and deal with damage to pipes without delay.

LOGSTOR Detect can locate irregularities with remarkable precision. However, when the medium in the pipes is not water-based, a different technology is required. That is why the recognised concept, SafePipe is used to detect leaks in the oil and chemical industries. If the pipes are made of plastic, our 3DC cable solution – which can be connected directly to LOGSTOR Detect, is used instead.

Our reliable detection system guards against water penetrating the insulation. This system helps extend the service life of the pipeline and ensures that the insulation remains dry and maintains its high insulation properties.

Leak detection can be incorporated in all our pipe systems. Copper sensor wires are embedded in the insulation and register if the insulation becomes wet on account of a leak in the carrier pipe or damage to a joint or the outer casing.

LOGSTOR supplies two solutions for moisture detection:

  • Detection through measurement of resistance, RedDetect X1L; and
  • Detection and localisation using impedance measurement: RedDetect X4

LOGSTOR and PPSL can design a complete pipe systems including leak detection, and can advise you what equipment is required to ensure a straightforward and reliable surveillance system.

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