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SX Joint System

LOGSTOR SX Joint System

Header Shrinkable joints system for pre-insulated pipe systems

Like all other LOGSTOR jointing systems, the SX Joint is designed to provide maximum safety and durability, and at the same time keep heat loss to the absolute minimum.

The SX casing joint is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and designed to take full advantage of the special properties of this extremely resilient and durable material, and therefore remains sealed throughout its entire service life.

  • One single system for all joints
  • The unique molecular structure of cross-linked polyethylene keeps the casing joint firmly in place
  • Remains completely sealed throughout its service life
  • Can be shrunk in two dimensions, making it ideal for reduction joints
  • Makes pre-insulated pipe systems more reliable and reduces long term operating costs
  • Fewer joints means less welding
  • Complies with and considerably exceeds EN489 standard requirements

Three types of joints

The LOGSTOR SXJoint system features three different types of casing joint (SXB) enables you to establish bends in any required angle.

They are delivered sealed in plastic as protection against moisture and dirt until the casing joint is actually installed.

LOGSTOR proactively addresses both quality and environmental concerns from component manufacture to finished installation. ISO 9001 and 14001 standards are the basis of the manufacture of all LOGSTOR pipes and components.

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