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HMS Drake Plymouth

HMS Drake Plymouth

PPSL have conducted a range of projects at HMS Drake naval barracks in Plymouth, spanning 2014-2015.

PPSL have installed pipes ranging in size from DN80 up to DN150 using our high quality series 1 LOGSTOR steel pre-insulated pipes. The projects have consisted of network extensions to new building, along with replacements of ageing pipes and valves installed previously by other suppliers.

All of the work conducted has been completed within fixed programme times by our class 1 welders and fusion welding teams, utilising our high quality and recommended band muff joints. Contracted to 10% NDT testing, PPSL went on to achieve NDT testing on 94% of the joints to further demonstrate the high quality of welds delivered.

In conjunction with the installation, PPSL’s management team worked closely with Dodd Group to retrieve the original drawings from floppy disc drives held by the site in order accurately plan and initiate all of the projects.

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PPSL District Heating Ltd also operates trading and co-operation agreements with industry leading businesses and specialists that are complementary to our own skill sets, such as consultants, specialist energy supply companies and financiers to ensure you have full access to the resources required to guarantee project success.

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