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Flextra pre-insulated pipes

Flextra pre-insulated pipes

LOGSTOR Flextra Pipe is the latest generation of the proven LOGSTOR flexible pre-insulated pipe systems. It is up to three times as flexible as current LOGSTOR FlexPipe products, yet retains its full insulation properties throughout the service life of the pipe with its built in diffusion barrier.

This improved flexibility stems from a unique combination of the new corrugated outer casing and newly formulated cellular insulation foam that is considerably softer. Pipe that is easy to bend is generally easier and less expensive to install, especially in smaller heating networks with tight curves and obstacles to overcome such as trees or manholes.

LOGSTOR PexFlextra

LOGSTOR PexFlextra products feature a service pipe made of very flexible polyethylene (PEX). This range of products is widely used for small-scale heating projects and for house connections in district heating distribution networks. It permits a maximum continuous operating temperature of 85°C and pressure of 6 bar.

LOGSTOR AluFlextra

LOGSTOR AluFlextra has a service pipe made of aluminum coated with PEX inside and PE on the outside. This composite construction combines the advantages of the smooth plastic surface with the shape retention of a metal pipe. Using AluFlextra pipe runs prevents oxygen and water vapor diffusing into the heating water and the surrounding PUR insulation foam. The maximum continuous operating parameters are 90°C and up to 10 bar.

Suitable applications for Flextra pre-insulated Pipes

  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW)
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water
  • Sanitary

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