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District Heating & Cooling Projects

District Heating & Cooling Projects

PPSL are experts in all elements of the expansion and contraction design, installation, repair and maintenance of pre-insulated pipe networks for district heating & cooling. With over 30 years of experience. Our team have worked on some of the largest district heating installations to have taken place in the UK over the past 15 years.

PPSL can boast to employ and have contract partnerships with some of the leading Designers, Project Managers, Senior Engineers, Contract Managers, and Class 1 Welders in the industry and are experts in fusion welded joints on steel pre-insulated pipes.

PPSL’s mission is to deliver high quality pre-insulated pipe installations and associated project requirements to the highest standards in the industry, whilst ensuring all projects are within specification, on time and executed alongside outstanding levels of customer service.

Together with our specialist supplier, LOGSTOR, PPSL District Heating offers a large, comprehensive range of pipe systems for district heating and cooling. The steel pipe system is a bonded system in which carrier pipe, insulation and jacket which move together as required.

There are various ways to compensate for stresses in the pipe and the chosen method depends on local circumstances. The methods to cater for expansion include:

  • compensated
  • heat pre-stressed
  • heat pre-stressed with start-up compensators
  • a combination of the above

For further information on the pipes available or to request a quote for your district heating project, please contact us for further information or see our pipe systems pages for an overview.

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PPSL District Heating Ltd also operates trading and co-operation agreements with industry leading businesses and specialists that are complementary to our own skill sets, such as consultants, specialist energy supply companies and financiers to ensure you have full access to the resources required to guarantee project success.

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